Licences for Older Drivers

The Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) is entrusted to ensure the NSW roads are as safe as possible.

Annual Testing

From the age of 75 years the RTA requires drivers undergo an annual medical check to ensure that they are medically fit to drive. The RTA will contact drivers eight weeks before their birthday each year with a medical report to be completed by a doctor.

In addition, once a driver reaches 85 years of age the RTA requires on-road driving tests to be completed every 2 years (e.g. 85, 87, 89 etc). Alternatively the driver may apply for a modified licence.

Licence Options

If you believe your driving skills, or those of someone you know, have deteriorated with age there are some licence options available.

For example if an older person has competent driving skills but can no longer manage more challenging situations (driving long distances, in heavy traffic, or at night) the RTA can place restrictions on their licence which might allow them to only drive locally or at certain times of the day. A practical assessment is not required for a modified licence, even if the driver is 85 years or older.

Alternatively if an older person no longer wants to drive they can return their licence to the RTA.

Contact the RTA for more information:

Ph: 1300 663 628


Or visit a motor registry. 

RTA Guide for Older Drivers