First Stop Transport (Travel Training)

What is Travel Training?

 Travel Training teaches people to travel independently on public transport. Those of us who use public transport regularly may not realise how hard it is for a person who has never used it to understand the system or to feel confident that they will get to their destination safely and easily.

Who is it for? 

Travel Training can be for individuals or groups who wish to travel on public transport services. 

It may be of interest to older people who can no longer drive themselves, younger people changing schools or commencing employment, or families moving into a new area. Transport training can also assist with people with a mobility, sensory or intellectual disability to travel independently. 

Group travel training sessions have been successful in helping people with limited English speaking or reading skills and seniors groups to participate more fully in the community. 

What does travel training include? 

Travel training addresses the range of concerns people may feel in using public transport. Topics can include understanding timetables, type of tickets, getting to and from public transport, how to board and disembark safely, being safe whilst travelling and changing between transport modes. 


First Stop Transport 

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