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What is Travel Training?

Travel training is a service that enables people to use public transport independently, whether they are a new user or would like to use it more often. If you want to catch public transport to travel to work, study or school, go shopping, visit the doctor or see friends, Easy Transport can help you develop the confidence and skills to make it happen.

Travel Training is a free service.
You can learn about:

  • catching trains, buses, ferries and light rail
  • buying and using Opal cards and other tickets
  • how to plan a trip
  • which services to catch
  • where to get on and off
  • accessible services
  • travelling safely
  • strategies to deal with difficulties
  • where to find more transport information.
View the new Travel Training brochure (click on the link).

Who is it for?

The service is for adults and children (individuals and groups) who live in the Northern Sydney Region. It is available for anyone who does not have the confidence, information or experience to use public transport.

You may be:

  • an older person
  • someone who has moved to a new area, or changed schools
  • a person with a disability
  • a migrant or refugee
  • someone with limited mobility, such as using a wheelchair
  • a person who is driving less or has stopped driving
  • a school leaver who is starting study or a new job
  • a carer of someone who needs to use public transport
  • of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin
  • financially disadvantaged.

If English is not your first language, we can arrange an interpreter or a travel trainer who speaks your language.

The cost

Travel training is a free service. Information Sessions and goup training are available at no charge

What will happen?

A travel trainer will discuss your public transport needs and the best options for you. They will help you plan your journey and accompany you on your trip. You will receive the support and information you need to travel on your own and plan trips for yourself in the future.

For groups, we can plan a group outing using public transport, and accompany your group on the trip.

To enquire or apply

To apply: Fill out the Individual Travel Training Application form

You can return the completed form by:

  • Email: (scan the form and attach)
  • Mail: Easy Transport, PO Box 701 Dee Why NSW 2099
  • In person: 13 Boola Place, Cromer 2099
  • Fax: (02) 9972 1728

Contact us:

Email: (click on the email address)

Phone: 1800 035 262

Travel Training Brochure and Poster

View the new Travel Training brochure (click on the link)

View the new Travel Training poster (click on the link)

Contact us if you would like to order brochures and posters.